Post Partum Care Services

Self-care as a new mum is one of the most crucial elements, postpartum, and yet most mother’s don’t even stop to think about themselves during this busy and all-consuming time in their lives. Yet if a new mum doesn’t get the care, rest and support that she needs, this can have detrimental outcomes for her and the baby.

The Dutch have had their approach to post natal care right for many centuries as all new mums get to benefit from the services of a Kraamzorg for the first 8-10 days postpartum and the state pays for this amazing perk.

There has been extensive research around this kind of postpartum care and the results are astounding. The research has shown that the right kind of post birth care can hugely reduce a mother’s chances of developing post natal depression, post birth complications and it shows that their chances of establishing successful breastfeeding is much higher.

In South Africa, this kind of post birth care is slowly catching on and Hayley is one of the first two groups in the country to be trained in these methods.

The role of a postpartum care specialist is to support the mother in those crucial first few weeks after the baby arrives and to help you gain the confidence and knowledge you need to successfully care for and nurture your new baby. She will help you to start learning you babies queues and character and to help you trust your motherly instincts in caring for your newborn.

This is what you can expect from a postpartum care specialist:

  1. Medical checkups for mother and baby and follow-up discussion of any concerns with your primary health carer eg. gynecologist or midwife
  2. Helping to initiate and assist with breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding
  3. Teaching the entire family how to bathe, dress and feed the new baby
  4. Helping any other children at home become comfortable with this newest family member
  5. Providing complimentary medical treatments to help resolve any minor medical issues facing the mother or baby eg. thrush, anxiety, constipation, low milk supply. If these complimentary medical treatments do not help resolve the issue then your carer will refer you to a medical practitioner for further treatment
  6. Advice and assistance around ensuring that the mother is benefiting from nutritious meals in the postpartum period

Think of a postpartum care specialist as your personal village for the first few weeks after your new baby arrives. We are there to love and care for you and your baby and to ensure you are both safe, healthy and establishing a relationship together that will set you up for a healthy journey into motherhood.

How does postpartum care work?

  • Your postpartum care specialist will offer around seven to ten visits as part of the package. You can work with your assigned carer to structure these visits in a way that works best for you and your family ie. every day, every alternate day
  • The visits are typically around 2-3 hours in length

How much does this kind of care cost?

  • A postpartum care package ranges in price between R3000 – R4000 for 7-10 visits

To find out more about booking a postpartum care specialist, please contact Hayley