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Recently I had the privilege of meeting Debbie Knighton-Fitt who, while living in Canada, and through the birth experiences of her own 2 sons decided to train to become a doula. She has since moved back to Cape Town with her husband and two boys and is continuing her work as a doula. For Debbie, being a doula now in Cape Town means having a particular passion to see the same multi-disciplinary approach to health care during labour experienced by women here in South Africa. I found her so enthusiastic about her work and I left our meeting inspired and encouraged that birth can be a positive, empowering experience.

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I asked Debbie to share her story with you, entitled:

Why I love being a Doula

 It was after the birth of my first son (in Vancouver, Canada), along with the support of my doula, midwife and nurses that I fell in love with the idea of supporting women in birth. I felt so loved, so cared for and so well supported during his birth. I found myself being drawn to women toward the end of their pregnancy wishing I could just love, encourage and empower them through their birth experiences.

It was then the idea of training as a birth doula grabbed my heart. After completing the DONA (Doulas of North America) approved Doula Workshop in 2012 I threw myself into everything pregnancy, birth and baby-related.

I believe in women and in birth. To witness a woman reach deep within herself to find the strength she needs to give birth, and to see her partner provide love and compassion is a privilege to witness and be a part of. I believe that childbirth is a normal process that women’s bodies are made to experience and I love to help my clients find the ways that work best for them to cope with the challenges of labor and fully embrace and be empowered by this incredible event. This is why I love being a doula.

I am surrounded and loved by three gorgeous boys, my husband Theran, and our two ‘mini Therans’ – Clayden and Ryler. I was fortunate enough to birth our boys naturally in Vancouver, Canada, and we now reside in Cape Town.

Attending every birth is an honour I do not take lightly. Debbie has named her doula services ‘Love mom‘.

Love mom has two meanings. To love (verb)mom by providing her the support she needs as she brings life into her world, and love mom (as in what she might write at the end of a birthday card), refers to a gift, given, by a mother.

Love mom provides birth doula services within the Cape Town region of South Africa.

If you’re looking for a doula in Cape Town, you might want to contact Debbie:


Cell number: 076 9854491


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