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  • doula CT 5 Hiring a Doula – Two Cape Town stories

    For a pregnant mom or couple, deciding which professionals to hire for the birth of your child can be a more difficult decision than you’d expect. Our next blog series is going to be on the subject of doulas: what they do, what moms who have hired a doula say about their experience, what doulas […]

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  • Down Syndrome Karen2 Beyond the Diagnosis of Down Syndrome

    Part 2: A journey beyond the diagnosis: reclaiming the joy of pregnancy Is there life and joy and hope beyond the diagnosis of Down Syndrome? After we had been given a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome at 13 weeks in my pregnancy, my weeks became filled with close monitoring and regular ultrasounds. The periontologists performed […]

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  • Down Syndrome Karen Introducing Karen and Hannah

    I hope you’ve enjoyed the first two posts in our blog series on Down Syndrome. Before I introduce you to Karen and Hannah, if you missed the previous posts you can read them here: Sam’s story Chantelle’s  (genetic counsellor) perspective Now it’s Karen and Hannah’s turn! I am genuinely struck by how difficult the task […]

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  • Post Blomerus #1 Ever considered Birth Photography?

    Many women expecting their first baby cannot get their head around the thought of someone taking photos of them during labour and childbirth when it is such an unpredictable and often primitive process. The camera is an item chucked in the hospital bag at the last minute and generally, handed to a professional nurse (not […]

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  • Dean's design 4 boys And then there were four!

    It’s time to get back to writing for Just Engage again, after a prolonged break through my fourth pregnancy. Rourke Thomas was born on the 10th January 2014 and is now 6 weeks old. He has managed to slip into our family life without too much fuss and yet has impacted each one of us and we […]

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