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  • Birth story#3 image Birth Story #3

    My name is Madri.  I am a mother of three children (two girls and a boy), living in Pretoria. I was part of the September 2012 Just Engage group. I have an unusual birth story but what I really wanted to share was my positive experience of re-lactating so here are both aspects briefly summarised:  My first […]

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  • Birth Story #2b Birth Story #2

    Hi to all! My name is Megan, and along with my husband Warren and little Joshua we live in the beautiful mother city, Cape Town. My husband and I took part in the August 2012 Just Engage Class. It’s really hard to believe that it’s a year later and even harder to believe that we’re […]

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  • Birth Story #1 Birth Story #1

    My name is Karen.  I live in Cape Town and was on the August 2012 Just Engage Class. It was a great refresher for me as our first son was 5 1/2 (almost to the day!) by the time his brother arrived.  Its amazing how much you remember, but also how much you forget.  Like how […]

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