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  • products Letibalm Letibalm nose and lip repair balm

    Winter in 2015 might have been delayed but it is definitely here and while our school holiday weather was remarkably dry with clear skies, the temperatures were low. One of the things I always struggle with in winter is dry and cracked lips and this winter I had been asked to review Letibalm so I […]

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  • autumn #1 Autumn is upon us

    Autumn is approaching and with it, comes falling leaves, later sunrises, earlier sunsets and cooler temperatures. For the new mom, it can be the dreaded season of colds and flu viruses, trips to the doctor and miserable children stuck at home! Dismal but true! A change of season often causes a spike in allergies so […]

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  • Deborah Kirsten #1 Just Engage reviews ‘Chai Tea & Gingerbeer’ by Deborah Kirsten

    This past weekend I found myself alone in airports for multiple hours at a stretch which is most uncommon for a mom like me. I got whisked away to Singapore for a weekend where I met my husband who was there on business and some great friends who emigrated there a few years ago. Now […]

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  • Post leggings #1 Baby Leggings by BabaBear

      This is Rourke – my 7 month old fourth son. Through four boys, I can confidently say I have never bought any of them a pair of baby leggings, ever! In my mind, leggings are for girls: under tutus and dresses, usually pink, black or red and I remember wearing them as a young […]

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  • Post Family Pic #20 The family photo shoot…

    Have you ever tried to take a photo of six people where four of the individuals are under the age of 10? ┬áSurely, it’s almost impossible to get everyone to look at the camera and smile “normally” simultaneously! Last week we needed to send someone a photo of us but we realised in all our […]

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