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  • online antenatal classes Nesting activities to do in the weeks before your baby’s birth

    The weeks leading up to your baby’s birth are very exciting, but they’re also quite busy! With lots to fit in, from messy DIY to stocking up on supplies, it can get pretty hectic. To help you plan the weeks before your baby’s arrival, we’ve put together some of the essentials you should have on […]

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  • debbie doula 1 Being a Doula

    Recently I had the privilege of meeting Debbie Knighton-Fitt who, while living in Canada, and through the birth experiences of her own 2 sons decided to train to become a doula. She has since moved back to Cape Town with her husband and two boys and is continuing her work as a doula. For Debbie, […]

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  • doula CT 5 Hiring a Doula – Two Cape Town stories

    For a pregnant mom or couple, deciding which professionals to hire for the birth of your child can be a more difficult decision than you’d expect. Our next blog series is going to be on the subject of doulas: what they do, what moms who have hired a doula say about their experience, what doulas […]

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  • genetic counselling Frieda Prenatal Screening Tests for Down Syndrome

    Should I have prenatal screening tests done for chromosomal abnormalities? Which ones? What would I do if that test revealed a high risk pregnancy? Frieda Loubser was the first genetic counsellor to complete her Masters in Genetic Counselling and internship training at the University of Cape Town.  She worked in the public sector (Groote Schuur […]

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  • Carol and Katelyn 1 Down Syndrome – Meet Carol and Katelyn

    Our final mom's story in this blog series on Down Syndrome (although still a few more posts to come), this is Carol and Katelyn who live in our area in Cape Town. Carol is wife to Simon and mother to Katelyn (who has Down Syndrome) and Jess. For those on our Online Antenatal Class, I want [...] Continue Reading