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  • Shelley, UK

    Just so you know why we are loving it so much: 1. Life in a big city is mad and we can watch any time, one before bed or a marathon of a few clips in one arvie like we did on Saturday afternoon….our first time at home for a long stretch in ages. 2. […]

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  • Your course is BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANT for London living! Thank you.

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  • Lindsay, Perth

    Content was great. The breastfeeding demo was the best.  I can’t believe it was the only time I got to see a real mum and bub feeding. I totally base my confidence and success with breastfeeding on it. Sharon- you now have met a woman for whom breastfeeding was easy and natural, but its mostly […]

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  • Mariloo, Cape Town

    We are the proud parents of a new baby girl, Emma, and would like to thank you for helping us make it through the labour and birth process – we would not have been able to do it without your informative modules!  The Just Engage Course is invaluable to any parents to be with busy […]

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