Antenatal Class Online

The Just Engage online antenatal course is comprised of approximately 30 video lessons which are structured into six courses. You can watch these videos online in the comfort of your own home, re-watch them at anytime and take part in an optional quiz at the end of each course.

Baby Leg Warmers

The cutest baby leg warmers in various colour combinations and sizes. Perfect as a fashion accessory for winter or practical just as baby leg warmers!!!

Baby Scarves by Candyflossclouds

CFC baby scarves model1 CFC baby scarves model 2 Handmade baby and toddler scarves available in various colours with optional bow, brooch or button.

Great as a winter accessory.

Supplied by candyflossclouds.

Visit their website or facebook page

CFC logo

Balloon Suits by Candyflossclouds

These balloon suits are 100% cotton and perfect for summer outings or around the house.

Available in different patterns and the following sizes:

Newborn – XS

1-3 months – S

3-6 months – M

6-12 months – L

12-18 months – XL

Bath Hooded Towels by Tom & Bella

Hooded towels are so handy when bathing baby. Choose from a variety of themed hoods with girl, boy or neutral colours. These are a nursery necessity and also great as gifts. Available themes are: hedgehog and bees, hedgehog and star knapsack, hedgehog and flowers, ballerina mouse, seaside teddy and plain white. 



Boys Playsuits by Candyflossclouds

Practical for summer and different designs available in different sizes – newborn up to 18 months of age. Scroll through photos on left for variations. Choose size and colour from dropdown to see what is available.


Breastfeeding Tops by Neat Couture

Breastfeeding tops might sound unnecessary before you become a feeding mom but the convenience they offer you to be able to feed quickly, easily and most importantly, discreetly wherever you are is a great bonus.

These breastfeeding tops have been designed and made locally in Cape Town, have strong gym-bra support built in with an easy-to-use clip to open the front of the top when it is time for a feed.

Caboo + Cotton Baby Carrier

Possibly the most user friendly baby carrier around. Great support for mom (or dad) and baby. The DX + Coolpass model can be worn front or back easily.Caboo DX model 2

Caboo model 1

Cellular Blankets by Tom & Bella

Cellular blankets are one of those baby essentials. The standard size is 115cm by 90cm and you can choose plain grey, white with embroidery or a gingham trim with a theme so browse the options in the dropdown menu.

Chai tea & Gingerbeer by Deborah Kirsten

Not specifically written as a parenting book, this story will evoke memories of your childhood, smells and tastes from around the world while also empathising with the great privileges and struggles as we transition from young girl to woman to wife to mother. Highly recommended as an honest story of a woman growing up, getting married and starting a family, Deborah Kirsten writes of her adventures, her life lessons, her faith and her travels. Read my review here

Every South African woman who grew up during the 1980’s or 90’s will appreciate her stories. She writes about her incredible family, her years in a girls’ private school and studying at UCT. The man she later falls in love with happens to be Gary Kirsten, international cricketer and coach and the realities of trying to maintain a solid relationship while touring or apart make for interesting reading.

Most pertinent to members of our Online Antenatal Class will be the chapters on pregnancy and motherhood which took her by surprise. She writes beautifully about the privileges and the hardships involved.



Cot Bumpers by Tom & Bella

Cot bumpers can add an extra touch of design detail to a baby’s nursery but they are primarily a practical necessity especially if your baby rolls around a lot in their cot. They protect baby from bumps and bruises against the sidebars of the cot.

Please note 1 single cot bumper will only cover half of the cot. many choose to only have the head area of the cot covered. If you’d prefer to cover the entire perimeter of the cot, you need to purchase 2 cot bumpers.

Cot Fitted Sheet by Tom & Bella

Fitted cot sheet made from beautiful white cotton percale with a 200 thread count.

Available in cotton percale or warm winter cotton flannel.

Size  660mm x 1300mm.

Made by Tom & Bella.

Visit their Facebook page.

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Cot Flat Sheet by Tom & Bella

Cot Flat sheet in white cotton percale. Choose either white cotton percale with embroidery trail of bees or boats or flowers OR shades of gingham – pink, light blue, navy blue, red, stone

Produced by Tom & Bella.



Cot Linen Set by Tom & Bella

Cot linen set in boy, girl or neutral themes.

The set includes a cotton quilted duvet inner, a cotton duvet cover, a baby pillow case & inner,  a scatter cushion inner and cover, a padded bumper and a fitted sheet.

Available in various themes – use the dropdown menu or scroll through the gallery images.

Made in South Africa by Tom & Bella.

Visit their Facebook page

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Denim Travel Feeding Chair by Tom & Bella

The Tom & Bella denim travel feeding chair harness is simple, versatile, practical and convenient. Designed by a mom, this chair makes feeding a baby meals or snacks while out and about much simpler. Small and compact to fit in a handbag / nappy bag, it is washable too. It can be used on any adult chair at home, while out visiting friends, at restaurants or on holiday and it straps baby in snuggly and safely. Recommended for age 5 months to 3 years, this chair harness must be used under adult supervision at all times.

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Diaper Pail by Ubbi

The diaper pail like no other, known as the ‘can of steel‘ all the way from New York.

Available in White, Grey, Sand, Light Blue, Light Pink, Pistachio (light green), Robbins Egg Blue (turquoise), Navy Blue, Purple, Red and Orange.

Don’t miss the reviews and demo videos below.