Do you need a refresher antenatal class?

This is the first blogpost review of Just Engage as a refresher antenatal class. Marysol, and her husband live in Cape Town with their three children and Marysol is a highly respected Cape Town Birth Photographerrefresher antenatal class #2

“I had already had a baby before, so why take antenatal classes again?”

This was the question I asked myself when pitched with the idea of doing the Just Engage Online Antenatal Course as a “refresher course”. In the interest of full disclosure, it was offered to me at no charge, but these opinions are all my own and I volunteered this review. I felt sharing some of my experience might help others re-assess the value¬†of doing a refresher course even when they are no longer first time parents.

Here are 6 reasons I found it beneficial:

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Jill Bergman

#1 I was foggy on the details

Even though this wasn’t my first rodeo, it had been a few years since I was pregnant and thinking through my birth options. Breastfeeding was a haze I had distinct memories about but didn’t exactly remember what were the tools for starting the relationship off right. I was surprised the more I watched the videos how much I had forgotten.

#2 No need for babysitting

I have other children now. They have a bed time of 7pm, which I choose to protect for my sanity. The thought of getting a babysitter or keeping them up late for an antenatal class? No way. Babysitters are a rare luxury that I get to enjoy for a nice date with my husband. The benefit of doing this course online was that the childcare side of things wasn’t an issue.

#3 Totally customizable

CJ Parent ScreenshotI had already given birth once and knew how that went, therefore I could narrow in on the parts of the course that were applicable to me and skip the rest. No need to sit in on a class that doesn’t pertain to your birth plans. I will say I re-watched the breastfeeding videos several times because that was one aspect that I didn’t pay attention to the first time around. I prepared for birth, but not for the art of feeding this baby. When it didn’t go so well the first time, I knew I would do things differently the next time. I wanted to be more educated, empowered and prepared. These videos specifically would be worth the course to me because they helped me get off to a great start.

#4 Watching in your pyjamas

Because the videos are in bite-sized portions, I watched some while making dinner or brushing my teeth or laying on the couch. So much more relaxed than going anywhere and I was able to take them at my own pace. My kids saw some of them and it prompted good conversations on the baby that was coming.

#5 Mental preparation

Most second or third time moms report the time flying by faster or not having time to really let it set in that they are really pregnant again. I found this to be true too. I was busy with my children. But the videos gave me a bit of a mental space to let it soak in, to think through preparing for this child. I watched some of them while nesting; folding baby clothes and preparing my hospital bag. I found it helpful to get in the zone of having a newborn on the way.

#6 Learning something new

Post Refresher #2Baby massage! Who knew? I had no idea about the benefits or how to do it with my first. How helpful it was to pick up some new tools and information.

So if you are also expecting another baby, congratulations! Consider the ease and benefits of Just Engage’s Online Antenatal Class as a good “refresher course”.

Why not….

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