Nesting activities to do in the weeks before your baby’s birth

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The weeks leading up to your baby’s birth are very exciting, but they’re also quite busy! With lots to fit in, from messy DIY to stocking up on supplies, it can get pretty hectic. To help you plan the weeks before your baby’s arrival, we’ve put together some of the essentials you should have on your to-do list.


Stretch Out

The first thing you should be thinking about is exercise – even if it’s the last thing you want to do. Staying active can help make your pregnancy easier and more comfortable and stretching can make giving birth a whole lot easier. Take up a gentle sport such as yoga to stretch the muscles you’re going to need for labour and try to take a walk every day. It pays to keep your body moving!


Pre-Baby DIY

From crafting thank you notes for baby-shower gifts to painting the new nursery, doing all the DIY you need to do now will be a blessing once your little one’s here. You just won’t find the time once you’re a parent! Get it out of the way now and you’ll thank yourself later.  Remember, if you find yourself getting ink stains on your clothes from all those crafts and DIY projects, we have some handy tips here on how to remove ink stains from clothes.


Clean up your Home

Just like doing all the DIY, cleaning your home whilst you’ve got the time is a great idea. You can sort through your stuff and have a clear out, make room for your baby, and give everything a thorough clean. This’ll make it more hygienic for your little one and mean you have less to do when they’re home, giving you more time to concentrate on enjoying being a new parent.


Stock up on Supplies

Make sure you’ve filled your cupboards with all your baby essentials, as well as plenty of food so you don’t have to go out too much straight after you’ve given birth. If you do forget anything and don’t have anyone to visit the shops for you, remember that some stores deliver straight to your home! That can be a real life-saver for new parents. You might even consider cooking some wholesome meals and popping them in the freezer for those first few weeks after baby arrives.

Antenatal Preparation

If you haven’t taken part in an antenatal class yet, we suggest you consider your options quickly. At this point, an online course might be your only option. Just Engage offers an online, video based course comprised of 30 videos that cover a range of topics from pregnancy through to birth and parenting. With Just Engage you can binge watch the content in these final weeks and get in all your prep just in time for your baby’s arrival.

Time for Yourself

You probably know that after your baby’s born time for yourself is going to be very limited. Aside from the few hours that they’ll nap, your attention is going to be focused on your child, so enjoy the time you have in the weeks before your due date! Binge watch that TV series and take an hour-long bath (just not if you’re in Cape Town 😉 – it’ll be the last time you get to do those sorts of things for a while.

After you’ve completed your list of things to do, relax and feel excited about the fact that you’ll have your child with you soon. It’s a wonderful time, so make sure you make the most of it!


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