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These wall decals allow you to transform your baby or toddler’s room into a unique and trendy space. This is an affordable, quick and easy way to add a designer touch to your nursery.

Wall decals are made from an ultra-thin, self-adhesive matte vinyl film that looks like it is painted to the wall once applied. All Oh Divine Wall Decals are supplied in Matte finish – if you’d prefer it as a gloss finish, mention this as a separate note on your order.

Before you get started here are a couple of things to note:

  • If you have recently painted your wall, please wait at least 2 weeks before applying your vinyl decal. This allows ample time for the paint to completely cure. The decals will adhere better and paint will not come off when the wall decals are removed.
  • Wall Decals adhere best to smooth surfaces such as drywall. Slightly textured surfaces such as an orange peel texture are fine. Wall decals will not adhere to rough, textured or very porous surfaces.
  • Wall Decals are perfect for bathroom and kitchen use too! They can be easily applied to mirrors, tiles, or acrylic shower walls, shower curtains and even – the toilet! Wall Decals can withstand the humidity of a bathroom but the surfaces need to be completely dry before applying.
  • Ensure that your application area is smooth, clean and dry. Don’t wash your wall before application.


Wall decals are perfect for temporary applications but will last for years with proper care. Indoors, wall decals will easily last for up to 4 years. They should be applied away from direct heat and sunlight as heat can release the adhesive and cause the decals to peel. To clean, just gently wipe with a damp cloth and avoid harsh chemicals or cleaning agents. Outdoors, Wall Decals will last 2 to 3 years.

There are 3 layers to your sticker namely:

  • Top layer – Transfer film
  • Middle layer – Vinyl
  • Bottom layer – Backing paper

How to apply your sticker to your wall:

Step 1 – Wipe surface with a dry cloth.
Step 2 – Measure out the desired position of your decal on the wall by using painter’s tape / masking tape.
Step 3 – Slowly remove the transfer film and vinyl from the backing paper.
Step 4 – Position the vinyl and transfer film onto the wall according to your masking tape area.
Step 5 – Use a ruler or credit card to press the vinyl decal onto the wall.
Step 6 – Remove the transfer film slowly from the vinyl decal.
……And there you have your designer wall art!


Wall decals are very easy to remove! Simply lift a corner or an edge with your fingernail and gently peel off the wall. For removal of wall decals from less porous surfaces such as glass, use a hairdryer (set on low heat) to warm the decal. This releases the adhesive and makes it even easier to peel off! Keep in mind that the less porous the surface the more effort it will take to remove Wall Decals.




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