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Choose from the twinpack of 60 x 60cm square white swaddling blankets (R200 for 2) or the single larger 120 x 120cm (R220 each) squares in different designs which are perfect for swaddling. They are a lightweight cotton so won’t cause baby to overheat and are gentle on baby’s skin.

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Swaddling is a soothing technique, wrapping your baby snugly in a blanket to either calm a fussing baby or help a sleeping baby have fewer interruptions to their sleep. By swaddling your baby in a swaddling blanket, you are aiming to recreate the baby’s experience of the womb and hopefully reassure and calm them.

The myNesi swaddling blankets are available in small white 60 x 60cm squares (as a twin pack for R200) or the larger 120 x 120cm squares which are perfect for swaddling and cost R220 per swaddling blanket. Most importantly, they are a lightweight cotton so won’t cause baby to overheat and are gently on baby’s skin. Made from 100% cotton and proudly South African, there are beautiful designs to choose from or the plain white which is always a popular classic.

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Large (120×120)


Plain white twinpack, Arrows, Birds, Elephants, Foxes, Sheep, Stars, Hot Air Balloon, Whale, Bunny


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