• Carol and Katelyn 1 Down Syndrome – Meet Carol and Katelyn

    Our final mom's story in this blog series on Down Syndrome (although still a few more posts to come), this is Carol and Katelyn who live in our area in Cape Town. Carol is wife to Simon and mother to Katelyn (who has Down Syndrome) and Jess. For those on our Online Antenatal Class, I want [...] Continue Reading
  • DS Hannah family Life and Love with Down Syndrome

     Part 3: The celebration of life and love We rejoiced every week that we had good ultrasounds and that my pregnancy progressed. We were prepared for anything. We had to live in the realistic present but we chose to celebrate the life and love that this foetus represented. Our prenatal care had been transferred to […]

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  • down syndrome group discussion Genetic Counselling and Down Syndrome by Chantelle Scott

    As part of our series on Down Syndrome, I asked a group of professionals to offer our readers a perspective on genetic counselling in the case of Down Syndrome. Chantelle Scott, Frieda Loubser and Nakita Laing agreed to tackle these professional posts. If you’d like to contact them for more genetic counselling advice, you can find their […]

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  • Down Syndrome Eva 11 Down’s Syndrome – Meet Sam and Eva–Mae

    This is the first post in a series on Down’s Syndrome. Most of us as women can recall a scan at some point during our pregnancy where a doctor or specialist was looking for signs or markers of Down’s Syndrome but what does prenatal screening actually involve, what causes Down’s Syndrome and what do parents […]

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