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Once you’ve had a baby and are changing nappies regularly, most parents would agree a nappy bin is a nursery essential. My 4th little boy, Rourke, is 7 months old now and so while the frantic “change at every feed” of the newborn phase has ended, we are still changing his nappy about 6 times a day.ubbi diaper pail #3

A nappy bin really helps to keep up with the stream of dirty nappies, so you’re only dealing with one full bag of dirty nappies every few days as opposed to rushing every nappy to an outside bin – this is assuming you are using disposables. With re-usables you still need an immediate nappy bin to throw soiled nappies in until you decide to wash a load of them.

I have realised there are nappy bins…and then, there are nappy bins. With my first three boys I used a regular plastic bin but this time around I had the privilege of testing this Ubbi Diaper Pail which I have to say has been far superior.

‘The can of steel from New York’ and manufactured in Germany, this bin has some impressive features.

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The main aspect that sets it apart from other nappy bins is that it’s made from powder-coated steel as opposed to plastic which doesn’t absorb the odours over time. My baby is sharing his room with his 8-year old brother so I have been particularly nervous of nappy smells bothering them but if anything have noted quite the opposite. When it’s time to empty the bin we are all suitably appalled at the stench of nappies which just re-inforces how effective the bin is as long as it’s closed and sealed!


This bin is easy to load, use, empty and clean. Firstly, the instruction manual is concise and easy-to-follow which appealed to me. The bin takes any standard kitchen plastic bin liners so there is no added expense and when you can’t fit any more nappies in comfortably (usually about 35-40 nappies), simply open the lid, unhook the bag, tie a knot in it and throw it away as quickly as possible! You could individually wrap each dirty nappy in a disposable bag before dropping it into the bin but with the ubbi diaper pail, it’s really unnecessary.

An added feature is the childproof safety lock. The simple knob on the top of the bin prevents toddlers from opening the lid which otherwise simply slides back and forth. My 4 year old is so fascinated by this sliding mechanism so when he is around, it’s his job to take the dirty nappy and throw it in the bin. You have to gently press the lever down before you slide which I suppose is an extra barrier to younger toddlers fiddling and leaving it open or digging in the nappy bin!!!

Here is another mom’s 2 minute review which is worth watching:

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This award-winning design is not only functional but really beautiful too. Instead of it seeming like a “necessary extra thing” in the nursery it has actually become part of the decor! I chose the neutral grey option to work in a sharing room but the bin is available in many different colours to match whatever nursery colour scheme you might be using. It is comparatively more expensive than the plastic bins but having used both and taking into account not having to buy particular bin liners over time, I think it’s a worthwhile investment.



Please let me know if you’ve used one and have any added praise or comments on this product. You can leave a comment below or e-mail me at

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